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Poultry Feed Mill
Quality feed is the key to the production of healthy birds. Fully automated modern feed mill with a production capacity of 400 metric ton per day is located at Shimoga in Karnataka State. All the feeds are nutritionally balanced and scientifically blended using high quality raw materials. All the raw materials and feeds are tested in our well equipped in-house laboratory before released for the intended use.
Breeding Farms
Our breeding farms are located in Kadur, Chikmagalur district. Stringent bio-security measures are implemented to prevent entry of any diseases. Our farms are kept tidy, clean and hygienic to ensure highest level of health and productivity of the breeders. Birds are provided with clean and ozone treated drinking water.
AL-ARIF'S state-of-the-art hatchery is located at Kadur near Chikamagalur in Karnataka state. We produce and deliver more than 20 million broiler chicks every year which are healthiest and having maximum potential for growth and feed conversion efficiency. Nature friendly solar power is being generated in this unit.
Broiler Integration
We have tied up with over 800 farmers for growing broilers. We provide healthy day old Chicks, Feeds, Vaccines and Technical guidance to farmers to grow broilers with Good Manufacturing Practices. We are producing 20 Million broilers per year through integration system. AL-ARIF markets Live broiler chicken and dressed chilled / Frozen chicken with the intent to provide consumers with clean, hygienic, antibiotic residue free packed chicken through our chain of modern retail outlets.
Poultry Processing Plant
AL-ARIF processing plant is having 8000 live birds processing capacity per day. The birds processed at the plant are reared in the most hygienic way at AL-ARIF’S owned and integrated farm, all the birds are bled as per ISLAMIC RITES ‘HALAL’. The birds are dressed to produce Whole Chicken, Pre-cuts, Boneless and other chicken products.
We have established a fleet of refrigerated and ambient temperature vehicles to transport hatching eggs, chicks, live birds, feeds, fresh chilled, frozen poultry and its value added products throughout Karnataka and neighbouring states viz. Maharashtra, Kerala, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.
AL-ARIF’S further processing plant has a capacity of 150 MT/Month. The plant is well-equipped with imported machinery and ISO 22000 certification. We have Breaded chicken products, cold cuts (Sausages & Salamis), Seekh Kebabs and Marinated chicken products.