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Welcome to Al- Arif Broasted Chicken

Al-Arif Broasted Chicken is an fast food brand which takes its root in the Karnataka and has spread its branches to multiple Districts across the oceans through our impeccable quality of ingredients, unmatchable service and most important of all, the unforgettable taste of our dishes. Our unique recipe which has raised our products to be the best in the market was created by top chefs from different regions of the world who are masters in their own culinary journeys. All our dishes are freshly made in our kitchen according to order by experienced and certified chefs and are served to our customers by well trained and professional staff because here in Al-Arif Broasted Chicken, we believe in customer satisfaction above all.

Our Dishes
Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is a dish consisting of chicken pieces usually from broiler chickens which have been floured or battered and then pan-fried, deep fried, or pressure fried. Al-Arif Broasted Chicken is a fast food chain advocating and practicing the usage of Halal and Fresh chicken produced and procured from the brand’s own controlled poultry farm. We prepare our dishes by marinating the fresh cuts of chicken with ABC signature ingredients which is then deep fried in the blend of premium edible oil and served hot and crispy to the customers.ABC Chicken Fry is available as variant dishes such as ABC Signature Strips, ABC Signature Wings, ABC Signature Drumsticks, ABC Signature Chicken Pop corn, ETC,.


Burger is a kind of sandwich consisting of one or more cooked patties of ground meat, usually chicken, placed inside a sliced bread roll or bun. The patty may be pan fried, grilled. CCF Signature Burger is prepared with tender chicken marinated with ABC signature ingredients placed between premium quality fresh bun, packed by food grade material and served freshly. ABC Signature burger is available as variant dishes such as Tandoori Chicken burger. BBQ CHICKENBurger, PIRI PIRI CHICKEN BURGER, PATTY BURGER , HOT DOG BURGER, ABC Vegetable Burger SUCH AS VEG. PATTY BURGER, TANDOORI VEG. BURGER, BBQ. VEG.


Sandwich is a food item consisting of one or more types of food placed on or between slices of bread, or more generally any dish wherein two or more pieces of bread serve as a container or wrapper for some other food. The sandwich was originally a portable food item or finger food which began its popularity primarily in the Western World and Middle East, but is now found in various versions in numerous countries worldwide. ABC Signature Sandwich is prepared by Fresh and premium quality baguette bread and tender chicken marinated with ABC Signature Ingredients. ABC Signature Sandwich is available in 3 variants such as ABC Chicken Sandwich, ABC Vegetable Sandwich and ABC Sauce Sandwich.


ABC Fries are prepared by premium quality French Fries with ABC signature ingredients. Most of our dishes are served with ABC Signature Fries.


Sauces – In cooking, a sauce is liquid, cream or semi-solid food served on or used in preparing other foods. Sauces are not normally consumed by themselves; they add flavor, moisture, and visual appeal to another dish. Sauce is a French word descended from the Latin salsa, meaning salted. Possibly the oldest sauce recorded is garum, the fish sauce used by the Ancient Greeks . We are using our own blend of Sauces to prepare and serve our dishes. ABC signature sauces are specially PREPARED WITH ABC EXCLUSIVE INGREDIENTS. Prepared with ABC exclusive ingredients


Pizza, dish of Italian origin consisting of a flattened disk of bread dough topped with some combination of olive oil, oregano, tomato, olives, mozzarella or other cheese, and many other ingredients, baked quickly—usually, in a commercial setting, using a wood-fired oven heated to a very high temperature— and served hot


Tandoori chicken is a chicken dish prepared by roasting chicken marinated in yogurt and spices in a tandoor, a cylindrical clay oven. The dish originated from the Indian subcontinent and is popular in many other parts of the world.


Pasta is a type of food typically made from an unleavened dough of wheat flour mixed with water or eggs, and formed into sheets or other shapes, then cooked by boiling or baking


Alfahm is an Arabic grilled chicken. This chicken recipe is very popular in the middle east as it is marinated with Arabian spice and barbequed in a charcoal grill or in the oven

  • 1,000+ Sq Ft Area
  • Mainly Serves Dine In Customers
  • Large Dining Hall
  • Party Room Option
  • Ideal For Residential Areas
  • 600+ Sq Ft Area
  • Equally Serves Dine In,Take Out And Delivery Customers
  • Ideal For High Street And Commercial Areas
  • 250+ Sq Ft Area
  • Serves Take Out And Food Cart Dine In Customers
  • Ideal For Shopping Malls, Airports, Train Stations And Other High Foot Traffic Areas
  • 500+ Sq Ft Area
  • Serves Delivery Customers
  • Ideal For High Delivery Catchment Locations
  • Requires Larger Marketing Allocation